Vasque Footwear Review


What Our Feet Think Of Our New Vasque Grand Traverse and Inhaler II Low Performance Hiking Shoes. We were given the opportunity to partner with Vasque footwear for our March Overland Trip. Vasque equipped our team with 2 different types of performance hiking shoes. Over the last month we were able to put them through the ringer. The Inhaler II Low’s recently came out for production, and we are happy to say they met our expectations. Within the past month and during our Overland Trip to Moab, Utah, we were able to test out the Vibram soles and MegaGrip compound on the Inhaler II Low’s. This is Vasque’s newest and most breathable hiking shoe. You will know here that we are honest with our opinion and that these shoes were sent to us by Vasque. We are always careful with the products we endorse purely because of how essential quality gear can be for any adventure. Both these shoes are built to get you to challenging areas. The Grand Traverse shoes where our more popular fit. Built from a suede leather and mesh, they were our preferred pair for our long Overland drives and strenuous 4Runner routes. They came in big for us when we knew we had to tackle a route in the rocks. The Rubber Toe Cap was a bonus that made this shoe multi-purposeful for not only hiking but also approach. A shoe like this is highly recognized for their durability because of the abuse they take. The whole line of Vasque shoes are made to get you places. These shoes fit our look and style, as well as fit for the outdoors to get us over obstacles and on the way to our destination. Sure it would have been nice to have a waterproof texture, but this durable Grand Traverse shoe was highly impressive for our Team.

Comfort, breathability, and support is what first comes to mind on the Inhaler II Low’s. This shoe is crafted from an Air Mesh and Leather mix, causing it to preform as a structured hiking shoe yet breathable as well. We experienced positive leverage during difficult maneuvers on our camping and hiking days in Moab. They created an extra comfortable feel when walking and hiking a long distance, as well as made cleaning them super easy. One thing we would notice is rocks getting wedged in the grip of the shoe. This shoe was built for extra grip as you could probably pick up in the “MegaGrip” term. Being made from a solid rubber meant that we nor the shoe were in any trouble. This shoe is the “Low” top model. There is always an option to purchase the higher top to further keep the elements out. Overall both these shoes are a winner in our book and have been added to our quiver of footwear for the great outdoors and for our 4WD Overland Trips. We feel like these two shoes will be well suited for your next adventure in or outside your 4Runner. Check out the full line of Vasque Shoes at

Kenzie, Graphics Officer- Team4Runner / June 6, 2016

Joe and Molly at Vasque hooked our team up with a solid line of Vasque shoes for us to wear, test, and review. I was able to test the Grand Traverse in some of the harshest elements through western Minnesota. My day 1 wear in these shoes proved that they need zero wear to break into a comfort that suits your foot. Vasque is tested and true with their Vibram ibex sole that has stayed solid for over 3 months in any weather. These have proven to be my pick of hiking shoe and I can’t wait to rock another pair as I travel through Colorado and through Rwanda and Uganda next month.