Traction Jack Recovery Kit Review


Being that we as 4Runner drivers 4Wheel every chance we can get, we don’t want to have something that stops us from continuing down the trail. Our team is always on the look out for tools and gear to help our 4Wheeling adventures go more smoothly. This review is on our new Traction Jack Kit.

Traction Jack is finding their way all around the US; from 4Wheel drive enthusiasts to recovery and response teams, they have become an essential tool to own. Just about every 4Wheel driver will find a recovery and extraction kit useful. Traction Jack can be used to recover just about any vehicle, from our 4Runner to a Corolla, and even large trucks and vehicles. These rugged tools are made from a poly-composite material and are built to take a rigorous beating. (And we mean that). 25.5in folded/ 51in opened flat. They are 2.5in thick and 21in wide. More info is on there site (Features). Why do I mention this? Because there size is their huge draw- they are half the size as their competitors when folded, and can be easily mounted without taking up excessive room anywhere on or inside your 4Runner.

They are meant to take a beating. We took our set to Moab Utah where we took it through the ringer. We had it mounted on our roof rack as well as inside- we buried ourselves numerous times in the red sandy rock and to our dismay every single time, with the occasional help from our shovel, the kit gripped to our tires and pulled us out. They didn’t brake or show any stretch marks, and they maintained there folding capability like new. We used it solid for a month, tested several different terrain, and even used it to cross gulches and ruts. 

Overall, we think the Traction Jack is a great recovery and extraction tool that can be added to any offroader’s essential gear. These things are well built, well manufactured, offer great advantages over their competitors, and will save you time and help you get moving quicker. Our team has added this kit to our quiver of offroad gear-

Our Traction Jack set has been a HUGE asset for our Overland Trips and backyard explorations. The many trails we have traveled, we highly recommend this essential tool. Super easy to store, easy to mount, and accessible and capable for just about any terrain. Check out for some more information on them- as well as there Instagram page @TractionJack. They have definitely been added to our essential list of 4WD gear- they offer great discounts, great service, and are very resourceful. Photos below!