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High quality, created to outfit you on your 4wheeling adventures.

Take the time to read below, we owe it all to the #Team4RunnerCommunity!

Our Colorado and Utah overland trips inspired us, as well as so many incredible photos and stories that are shared across the 4Runner Instagram community. We decided to throw out the old, and introduce a new and much higher quality T-Shirt. Our Team4Runner T-Shirt is something we have been working on for months. It features our 3rd Generation Toyota 4Runner, and mirrors the adventure that our 4Runner’s take us. There is a special bond between the mountains, your truck, and you; from the “Foothills to the Summit” is something that defines the overland spirit in all of us. We care a lot about the vehicles, gear, and people that are along for the drive. This is our first of many new designs coming out for 2016, and we couldn’t be more thrilled!

Printed with a “no-feel” texture, on a soft tri-blend dark gray Next Level Apparel T-Shirt. These shirts are awesome, and have been trusted and worn by the best. We offer them in just about every size, making it easy to fit and pack for your next endeavor. *If slim shirts aren’t your thing, we recommend ordering a size larger to ensure a comfortable fit.

We credit the designer: KCC, and some of Team4Runner’s team members. And we recognize our inspiration from SackWear, as well as so many adventurists and Instagramers.

This shirt won’t let your expectations down, we can promise you that. If it does, we will refund you full + you can keep it. That is our promise.


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