Behind The Scenes

“Giving Back” holistically is important to us. Our team is committed to serving the community and the world through different approaches.¬†

A tale of two friends- Team4Runner’s admin work is primarily done through two life long pals who each run their own organizations. AsOne Ministries is an official partner of Team4Runner.

AsOne Ministries is an organization that works towards community development in East Africa. The primary avenues in which they engage communities and locals is through the work of the local church and micro-investment and micro-financing partnerships. The staff members of Team4Runner partner directly with AsOne Ministries and friends in Uganda and Rwanda by offering their time, finances, and education towards walking along side new entrepreneurs and change makers in Africa.

Team4Runner is very thankful for the friendship of AsOne Ministries and hope to continue to work with them for many years to come. Our friends in Uganda and Rwanda have taught us a lot about the world, being human, and the power of relationships. We have learned a lot about life from them and are continually excited for every opportunity we have to visit.

AsOne Ministries info and website CLICK HERE

Our team is spread out. From two of us being in Sioux Falls and the other two in Denver, it is hard to serve as a team. We have strived to serve in our own communities, the first being our local church. In Sioux Falls we give back through our time and finances to our local church through Serve Sioux Falls, a program built to serve the city of Sioux Falls in various ways. From serving at the local banquet to taking time to spend at the nursing homes and hospitals.

We know we are called to so much more, through different avenues we hope to serve and give back to the people we are called to love. We are ordinary guys hoping to play our role in helping build something beyond ourselves. The local church and serving in our own community has shown us a lot of what it looks like to reach out beyond our own walls and to take a step into something bigger.

We chose to take a step in giving back to our community- and beyond that we chose to take a step beyond our community. Our next step is hopefully in the direction of the off road and 4×4 trail clubs in the U.S., hoping to team up and help give back to the trails we ride every year. Through maintenance, preservation, and to help promote safe 4Wheeling and safe 4×4 trails.