Grdian Dash Cam


It’s about time! We got to check out the all new DEFENDR+ GRD-A55 Dash Cam from Grdian. It has been a little under a month since we have installed them in our 4Runners and boy can we say we are thrilled! Here is a short review, stay with us!

Whats is it? The DEFENDR+ is a simple-to-use dash cam featuring a ultra wide angle lens, wi-fi connectivity, 2K video, and optional GPS tracking.

Why buy one? To capture, record and have your back while driving in the city, highway or off-road.

How much?! $139

What comes with it? DEFENDR+ GRD-A55 Dash Cam, Adhesive Mount, Suction Cup Mount, Car Charger, mini USB data cable, Optional GPS Adapter which costs ya a little extra.

Direct Link: CLICK HERE