Freespirit Recreation Adventure Series Roof Top Tent


FreeSpirit Recreation; Our take on what makes their products Different and more Innovative– We will let you decide after reading! 

Freespirit Recreation / Adventure Series M49 Roof Top Tent: Specs include the dark gray and dessert yellow color option. The features of this particular tent are unlimited; from inside hooks and water proof bags to their patented design set up and tear down. The fabric is manufactured from a heavy duty, ultralight material making it the lightest tent in its class in the world. The tent and cover are aerodynamically engineered to withstand some of natures harshest elements- even the wind going 65mph down the freeway. The tent includes all the bells and whistles, comes in 3 sizes, measures JUST 9inches tall, and weighs in at 100lbs total weight. Detailed specs and diagrams are all available online at However, FSR is able to distinguish themselves through their heavier high quality materials and fabrics across the board.

FSR ReadyLight: Specs include three color options, sand yellow, army green or black. The light is light weight, durable, and powered completely by solar or AC/DC. Multi function LED lighting with 4 detachable & magnetic LED lights for easy coverage while in or out of the tent. Rugged design built to withstand the environment. Perfect outdoor tool for any and every adventure. Videos available on Team4Runner YouTube-

It is important to know this: Not all roof top tents are the same- many people assume they are similar with differences in branding. The truth is that quality, durability, and reliability play a huge role. These factors vary from brand to brand. Just because some tents look similar, doesn’t necessarily mean they are. Lots of cool stuff goes into making a roof top tent different. We have been around, attended numerous events, seen 5+ brands of roof top tents and we truthfully are very impressed with how these tents preform, especially the Adventure Series line up-

Here are a few photos before you go, and don’t forget to see them live and in action on our Instagram pages!

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