RhinoRack Foxwing Awning Review


Our review on the Rooftop Foxwing Eco 2.1 Awning- Direct Link to Site 

Specs: 33pounds, 2000mm in length, Waterproof, UV resistant, easy one person set up

Our Awning arrived on May 10th, just in time for our overland trip through western South Dakota for OutdoorX4 Magazine.

It’s finally here! Our RhinoRack Foxwing awning. We have been in contact with Tony over at RhinoRack in the US, and have shown us incredible service, but an even better product. After talking we decided that the 2.1 Eco would be the best fit, considering our smaller 60in LabRak roof rack that the awning is mounted too. The Foxwing is held in place by LabRak mounts, specialized to fit the LabRak roofrack and RhinoRack awning. The 2 mounts are sleek, strong, and come with hardware to mount. The awning itself comes with basic mounts, but also hardware that will get you anywhere. Once we mounted our awning, we were anxious to swing it out and see how it looks, works, feels, and folds back together. The weight of the awning is a decent weight, it is 33 pounds, which shows its quality and durability.

LabRak Awning Mounts: Specs include: One piece design; Stainless steel; Laser cut and CNC precision formed; Sand blasted and powder coated; Fits every awning no matter the brand.