Firestone Destination MT2 Tires


Firestone Tire Company has been redefining the driving experience since the early 1900’s. In May of 2017, our team made the switch over made our fleet of 4Runners Firestones.

Our team has been hevily involved in off-road travel since we were just kids, driving backcountry through Colorado in old Toyota pickups. In fact, one of our early year 4Runners came with a fresh set of Firestone Tires on them, narrow and knobby! With FJ Summit quickly approaching, we teamed up with Firestone Tires to drive, test and put the new Destination MT2 Tires up to the task. Our 2 4Runners and off-road trailer headed west for Ouray, CO where we would do 5 days of off-road travel.

Nearly 5,000 miles have gone past since we left for Ouray, CO and we can honestly say we are impressed. With every Mud Terrain Tire out there you quickly realize they are not a All Terrain. Highway based travel, gravel roads, mud, snow, rain and pure off the grid travel these Tires did more and performed all around better than we had predicted. The new MT2’s are a game changer for Firestone, and allow Firestone to be matched up with some of the industry leading off road tires out there. Our team is stoked to be working with Firestone and the new MT2, if you have any questions concerning this, please feel free to reach out to us! We will let the photos do the rest of the talking.

Firestone Destination MT2 Tires, 285/70/17’s