ExtremeLED Lighting


When our team installed our rear CBI Off-Road Fabrication bumper we had several holes to fill. This included 2 jerry cans to fit in the jerry can mount, a rear mounted spare wheel and tire, recovery gear, hi-lift jack to fit the mount on the swing out arm, a shovel, and extra side steps for our Gobi ladder. One of the things that is crucial when it comes to off-road and adventure based travel are LED lights and lighting solutions, especially when traveling during nightfall. Our CBI bumper offered an LED Pod cut out on each side of the bumper. To fill these holes, we went with ExtremeLED Light Pods, an off-road and overland product based company out of Denver, Colorado.

Our first reaction we are blown away impressed. ExtremeLED is known in CO for manufacturing their products to meet the standards of some of the top tear LED companies. The look, design, heavy construction, and reliability line right up with what is needed when participating in off-road & adventure based travel.

Some of the photos below cover our 3 products from Extreme LED, the only 3 LED products we currently run on the 4Runner. The 40″ Single Row on our roof rack, the 30″ single row integrated in our front bumper, and 2 flood light pods mounted flush in the rear bumper. Check out the photos below-

Website: www.extremeledlightbars.com

Social: https://www.instagram.com/extremeledlightbars/

Our rig: Team4RunnerOverland