Coast Review – FL75 Headlamp – FDX Knife – HP5R Rechargeable Flashlight



We have been fortunate to partner up with Coast featuring some of their essential tools for our overland trip through western South Dakota, featuring an article in the OutdoorX4 Magazine.

Our review includes the FL75 Headlamp, the FDX model knives, and the HP5R rechargeable flashlights

June/July 2016 our team had the opportunity to travel through Rwanda, Uganda, and South Africa. More than once did our headlamp, flashlight, and knife come in handy. From carving sticks to shaving a mango, the FDX300 double locking knife was essential. We were a tad nervous our knife and lights would be confiscated during customs, but we were lucky enough to go under the radar.

Late nights photographing the nigh sky with our Canon MK III wouldn’t have been nearly possible without the capability of our FL75 headlamp that the 3 of us rocked. Long, strenuous hikes to find complete darkness in Uganda, away from the city lights and the noisy cars to find the perfect shot. We wouldn’t just write a review or make up a story to make the headlamp and flashlight sound essential, they truly were in more ways than we went in believing.

Our team highly recommends all three of these tools, and without a doubt we have added them to our quiver of overland and adventure based gear to travel with. Thank you Coast Products!