2014+ 4Runner Spare Battery Tray Review


As many of you know, a spare battery set up in our 4Runners can be a crucial and necessary modification. For some it’s not needed, but after reading this you might be convinced!

This is a review of the C4 Fabrication Spare Battery Tray and Accessory Tray for late model 5thGen 4Runners.

Our team has had dual battery set ups in the past, when C4 Fab released this new tray we had no choice but to upgrade and switch things up for a much cleaner and refined look! C4 Fab builds their products with the off-road consumer in mind, manufacturing their products with rigidity, strength and flawless design.

In our 2016 TRD Pro 4Runner we have added many modifications such as light bars, ditch lights, chase lights, fridge, internal 12v ports for charging media gear, winch and on board air. To efficiently run and power all these devices, many professionals recommend a second battery. For the first time, we did just that! Check out our install and photos of this DYI easy install of the C4 Fab dual battery tray.

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